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Our Profile

The Fraunhofer Center for Silicon Photovoltaics (CSP) conducts applied research in the area of crystallization, solar modules and solar wafers. With top competencies, Fraunhofer CSP explores the field of ingot manufacturing and material development. Moreover, the manufacture and assessment of solar cells and modules as well as electrical, optical, and micro-structural materials and component characteristics are also carried out. Ultra-modern research and analytical equipment is available for these activities.

Hereby, small, medium, and large companies in the industrial and services sector benefit from contract researching. The latest research results are implemented practically. Our service, research, and development projects are matched to the needs of the customers: companies and public institutions.

Research activities at Fraunhofer CSP go far beyond the simple execution of an order. Thanks to the financial support of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, we are able to conduct independent initial research in technology areas that are considered to be highly promising for the future. All knowledge gained hereby is used by the Fraunhofer CSP in their cooperation with companies, in order to open up new application areas.

Our Range of Service

  • Development and optimization of silicon crystallization techniques, their scalability and the material properties relevant for photovoltaics
  • Manufacture of mono- and multicrystalline silicon ingots in industral size
  • Pilot line for the generation of thin silicon wafers
  • Development of contact technology, optimization of contact processes for crystalline silicon solar cell strings
  • Improving the efficiency of solar cells through »Photon Management«
  • Characterization of the microstructure and the composition of materials used in photovoltaics
  • Structural, chemical, electrical and optical materials analysis and solar cell characterization
  • Increasing the yield in the industrial production of solar cells
  • Assessment of the reliability of modules and individual components

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