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Range of Service

The Fraunhofer CSP is located in Halle/Saale, Germany, and operates a module technology center in Schkopau. Currently, their research is focused on developing cost-efficient silicon wafers and new module technologies by optimizing silicon crystallization technologies and finding new methods for solar module production. High-quality microstructure diagnostics, mechanical characterization methods and evaluation of electrical properties help to develop new technologies. Industry partners make extensive use of our expert knowledge in the characterization of materials and components.

Our research and development activities are grouped into six units for similar projects.


  • Fabrication of mono-ingots (p- and n-type) up to 8“ using Czochralski Technology
  • Fabrication of mono-ingots up to 4“ using Float Zone Technology
  • Fabrication of multi-ingots (p- and n-type) of G5 using Vertical Gradient Freeze Technology
  • Pilot scale production line for mono and multi crystalline Si-Wafers down to 120 μm
  • Production of special glasses for up- and downconversion
  • Pilot scale production line for solar modules
  • Technology line for production of polymer based frames for solar modules

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Evaluation, Diagnostics, Characterization

  • Defect localisation on solar cells and modules by means of optical, spectroscopic, thermal and electrical methods
  • Assessment of microstructure of defects and materials by means of electron microscopy as well as chemical and electrical methods
  • Trace analysis of silicon materials, process materials and excipients
  • Stochastical evaluation of strength of silicon wafers, assessment of load in production processes and prognosis of probability of failure and mechanical yield
  • Assessment of process and reliability properties of polymers
  • Characterization and testing of solar modules according to IEC standards and accelerated testing conditions
  • Life time assessment of solar modules by material science based modelling and finite elements analysis (FEM)

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Our services and our research and development projects are tailored to the needs of our customers - companies and public institutions. We provide perfectly customized solutions to a variety of issues from crystallization to modules.

We offer innovative know-how for small and medium enterprises without their own R&D department.

Research activities at the Fraunhofer CSP mean more than just processing orders. Basic public funding and project funding allocated by the German Ministry of Education allow us to conduct non-contract pioneering research in technological fields which are deemed to become very relevant to the future. Research findings are made available by the Fraunhofer CSP to help their industry partners open up new applications and markets.

Together with you, we will find solutions for any current problems and challenges, no matter if they are technical, organizational or staff-related.

Forms of Cooperation

Industrial projects and contract research
We carry out many of our projects directly on behalf of industrial clients. These projects involve the entire range of services that we can provide: from feasibility studies, analyses and assessments to product and system optimization, damage analysis and damage avoidance or process developments.

Publically funded joint projects
We develop, organize and coordinate both national and international project consortia as part of publically funded research activities. We work together with scientific and industrial partners to develop, assess, simulate and develop materials, components and processes.

Strategic preliminary research
Fundamental and preliminary research provides the basis for the research we carry out on behalf of our clients. The Fraunhofer CSP carries out numerous research projects on behalf of the German Research Foundation (DFG), trade associations or other foundations. The institute is also actively involved in Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft inter-institute preliminary research programs. These include market-oriented strategic preliminary research and business-oriented strategic alliances.

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