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Efficiency, reliability and cost reduction in production processes are the driving forces for solar cells on future photovoltaic markets. The Group »Diagnostic of Solar Cells« is working on these topics for industrial customers and partners in research and development. With a broad spectrum of material science methodology – ranging from trace elemental analytics, quantum efficiency to atom scale microstructure diagnostics – the researchers are tracking down the conversion from light to electrical energy. The same way an efficient team play of light, electrons and material structure are crucial for the photovoltaic efficiency, the diagnostic competences arise through the interaction of the Teams »Electrical Characterization«, »Trace Elemental Analytics«, »c-Si Defect Diagnostics« and »Thin Film Characterization«.

Research activities extend from the characterization of crystalline solar Silicon to microstructure related defect diagnostics for thin film photovoltaic industries. In addition, international cooperations are established to invent novel, thin film systems and laser structures for next generation solar cells.



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