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The interconnection of crystalline Si solar cells is done by soldering tinned copper ribbons on a cell-sided silver thick film pastes. Ensuring the solderability is essential to guarantee reliable production processes and cell interconnection for high product lifetimes and realibility in photovoltaics up to 25 years.

At Fraunhofer CSP, various materials and methods are available to evaluate the joint formation of the cell to ribbon interconnections. The basis are raw material characterizations, e.g. wetting balance tests as well as contact angle measurements. Theses tests provide information on surface wetting qualities of lead / lead-free solders, fluxing agents or the various types of cell metallizations.

By non-destructive as well as destructive test methods, the varying interconnection technologies for solar cell string assemblies are evaluated and analyzed. Thereby the know-how of the fields of microelectronics, automotive, power electronics, etc. are combined  with the competencies of evaluating the contact reliability of individual component levels in packaging of integrated circuits towards photovoltaics.


  • Solar cell soldering
  • Soldering process characterization
  • Interfacial/material interactions
  • Solder contact reliability

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  • Cross section preparation tools for specimen make for microstructure analyses
  • Cross section analysis by light microscopy, SEM, etc. incl. material compound analysis and formation (DIC; POL, EDX, etc.)
  • Characterization of time and temperature dependant material behavior of interconnection materials (TMA, DMA, DSC, TGA)
  • Contact angle measurement equipment for static / dynamic measurements of contact angles and surface tension
  • Wetting balance tester for logging wetting force time progression
  • Pull-/shear tester for evaluation of the mechanical strength of PV contact structures
  • Ultrasonic microscopy and x-ray scanner for non-destructive analysis of interconnection interfaces and contact formation
  • Assembly and soldering stations for test applications and specimen production on cell and module level
  • Laser profilometer and confocal white light microscope for surface structure analyses of cell metallizations, etc.

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