Systems and Components of Water Electrolysis

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Material Characterization and Diagnostics

To increase the competitiveness of the water electrolysis compared to conventional hydrogen production methods, such as steam reforming, the costs of investment and operating of the water electrolysis must be reduced greatly. Furthermore, considerable demands on the materials are required for the production of ultra-pure hydrogen by electrolysis. Therefore the increase of reliability and lifetime are just as important as the optimization of investment and operating costs. Hence the Fraunhofer CSP analyzes and distinguishes materials and components used in the electrolysis of water by means of electrochemical and structural methods. Strategies to minimize and avoid degradation can subsequently be developed.

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System Design and Analysis

For the future, usage of »green« hydrogen in chemical industry, mobility and reconversion is very important for successful implementation of the “Energiewende”. In this context water electrolysis represents a key technology to produce hydrogen. Therefore the Fraunhofer CSP investigates and analyzes technical and economic relevance of different electrolysis plants to make them fit for market by supporting R&D research.

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Combination of Renewable Energy - Electrolysis

Regenerative power plants are essential for the production of »green« hydrogen. In the field of decentralized electrolysis systems the design of PV / wind systems combined with electrolysis systems, the monitoring of decentralized plants and the evaluation of cost, energy and material flows are of great interest. Particular attention is payed to the economy of »green« hydrogen. According to this specification systems are dimensioned and simulated.

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