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One-stop industrial solutions. The Fraunhofer CSP is running an industry-compatible wafer line covering the whole value-added chain from ingot dicing to wafer characterization.

The recently set up line comprises:

  • squaring of ingots into bricks
  • grinding and cropping the bricks
  • wire sawing (slurry and diamond wire based)
  • fully automatic wafer cleaning
  • industrial process and product measuring systems

The »Wafering« team is performing research on following topics:

  • production and handling of thin solar wafers with thicknesses down to 100 µm or even less
  • evaluating consumables like cutting slurries and wires or cleaning agents
  • implementing and testing newly developed production and inspection tools inside the wafer line

On this page:


  • squarer (wire-based) for singulation of G4/G5 ingots into bricks 156 mm x 156 mm
  • grinding machines for brick surface and edge treatment
  • IR brick inspection system for identifying SiC/SiN inclusions
  • carrier recombination lifetime and resistivity measurement on bricks for electrical characterization and quality control
  • cropper (wire-based) to cut off top and tail of bricks
  • band saw for squaring and cropping monocrystalline ingots and for processing non-standard dimensions
  • wire saws (800 mm and 300 mm load capacity) for manufacturing mono- and multicrystalline wafers
  • pre-cleaning tool for degluing wafers after sawing
  • in-line fine-cleaning for final wafer cleaning
  • in-line measuring system with sorter for final wafer quality control and classification

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