Workshop Elemental and Surface Analytics in Photovoltaics

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Dopant concentrations, impurities, degradation processes, element profiles are of high importance for the reliability and life time of all kind of solar cells and modules. The Fraunhofer Center for Silicon Photovoltaics CSP supports the research and development for PV manufacturers applying a broad range of methods for elemental analysis and microstructural diagnostics.

In collaboration with the companies Thermo Fisher Scientific, Kratos Analytical, and ION-TOF we would like to invite you to a workshop on elemental and surface analytics. The workshop intends to give an overview on the up-to-date technical developments and applications of ICP-MS, GD-MS, XPS and ToF-SIMS for solar cells issues. Besides talks from invited speakers and contributions from our institute we offer the opportunity for lab tours and demo measurements.


Tuesday, 6th November 2012

12:00     Reception and snack

13:00     Trace elements in silicon

13:30     Silicon applications of the new Quadrupol ICP-MS iCapQ 
                (Thermo Scientific)

14:00     Metal contaminations on wafer surfaces

14:30     Sawing process and wafer cleaning

15:00     Coffee break

15:30     Element profiles in CIGS solar cells

16:00     C- and N-containing precipitates in silicon

16:30     Analysis of TCO layers

17:00     Guided tours to the ICP-MS, GD-MS, ToF-SIMS and XPS labs (demo
                measurements can be arranged)

18:00     End

18:30     Evening event (optional): »Kulinarische Spurensuche«
                Let us discover the city by enjoying delicious tastes of unique
                restaurants and snack bars and at the same get an insight in the
                history, culture, and architecture of Halle.

Wednesday, 7th November 2012

  8:30    Reception and Snack

  9:00    Applications of the cluster/Ar+ ion gun (Kratos Analytical)

  9:30    Organics in PV (ION-TOF)

10:00    Polymer foils und adhesives

10:30    Potential Induced Degradation

11:00    Coffee break    

11:30    Passivation of silicon wafers

12:00    Analysis of metallization

12:30    Snail trails

13:00    Lunchtime snack

13:30    Guided tours to the ICP-MS, GD-MS, ToF-SIMS and XPS labs (demo
              measurements can be arranged)

14:00    Close of workshop


Fraunhofer Center
for Silicon Photovoltaics CSP
Walter-Hülse-Str. 1
06120 Halle (Saale)

Download presentations

Silizium-Applikationen für das neue Quadrupol-ICPMS iCapQ
Tomoko Vincent | Thermo Fisher Scientific

Trace and ultra-trace analysis in silicon
Viktoria Weinstein | EAG

Metallkontaminationen auf Waferoberflächen im Säge- und

Kirsten Sunder | PV Silicon

Bestimmung der Oberflächenqualität von Silizium-Wafern
Dr. Sylke Meyer | Fraunhofer CSP 

Elementprofile in CIGS-Solarzellen
Kai Kaufmann | Fraunhofer CSP

Analyse von TCO- und CdTe-Schichten
Frank Becker | Calyxo GmbH

Elementanalytik bei der Herstellung von CIGS-Solarmodulen
Dr. Ralph Hunger | Solibro GmbH

Einsatz der neuen Ar-Cluster-Ionenkanone
Dr. Klaus Oswald | Kratos Analytical

ToF-SIMS und Anwendungen für OPV
Sven Kayser | ION-TOF

Beständigkeit von Polymeren: Aushärtungs- und

Dr. Ulrike Braun | Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung
und -prüfung BAM

Ursachenanalyse: Potentialinduzierte Degradation
Christian Hagendorf | Fraunhofer CSP

Einsatz von XPS und UPS für die strukturelle und elektronische
Charakterisierung von Passivierungsschichten

Volker Naumann | Fraunhofer CSP

Susanne Richter | Fraunhofer CSP

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